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20 April 2017

Singlepoint Showcases at the Industry 4.0 Summit held at Manchester Central

We were delighted with the extremely positive feedback Singlepoint's Visual Factory range received at the recent Industry 4.0 Summit held in early April in Manchester. Through our live product demo station, visitors to the stand were able to clearly see how Singlepoint can connect to manufacturing processes to capture 'dark data', and through our visualisation software create actionable alerts and insights.

Singlepoint is built on a powerful business process management platform, so has limitless flexibility in terms of how you want to respond and manage the actions coming from the process data, and we were greatly encouraged by the views expressed by the many visitors to our stand that we have something that many of our competitors don't have and can't offer.

Getting started on Industry 4.0 can seem daunting. The subject is littered with its own jargon and understandably people are running hard to catch up and even leaders in industry can find it hard to define and articulate what it all means.

Here at Syncronology we believe in keeping things simple and we know that Singlepoint can be the ideal conduit in taking the first steps in finally getting access to 'dark data' and making Industry 4.0 something real and tangible. For more info and to arrange product demonstrations either on-site or over the web, get in touch with us at