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1 May 2015

Gates Power Expands Singlepoint to cover training management

Dumfries based Gates Power Transmission is long time user of Singlepoint for document control and a series of custom business process management solutions. They recently spoke to us about the problem they have when releasing key manufacturing procedures and how that needs to feed into the users' training records.

As a long time user of our document control system, Gates are already approving new revisions of key document through the system electronically. Previously, they had to contend with a manual system that obliged them to produce paper training records that would record that the appropriate users had received training and records had been signed off, etc.

Now, at the point where the document is approved, Singlepoint will now kick off an electronically managed event in our Training Records module. The really neat thing that happens next is that the training event is now ported to a mobile device (in this case a Windows tablet) and the supervisors now conduct their training brief and then get the users to electronically "sign" the record to confirm they have received the training and understood it.

This eliminates all the paper and increases the speed with which the records are completed and removes the manual effort involved, and leaves behind a fully time-stamped audit trail.