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16 February 2015

Ingenious new module for capturing users' understanding of newly released content in controlled documents.

Competency Checker from Singlepoint helps you to verify that business critical information has been fully understood by the people in your organization that need to use it.

The Business Problem

When key business critical documents, such as procedures and work instructions are introduced or updated, it can be very difficult to demonstrate that all of the users that require that information have read and understood the content contained therein. Not only does this pose a clear practical problem of its own, but will also be problematic when you are unable to demonstrate this understanding to an external or customer auditor.

The Solution      

Competency Checker is an exciting new module for Singlepoint. When a document is released from your Singlepoint Document Control System, you can set up quizzes or even just simple statements that your key users must respond to in order to demonstrate and record their understanding of the content of the document in question. Equally, if a user cannot demonstrate a good enough understanding then this is flagged in the system, and that user’s need for further support and training is clearly identifiable. All of the information is recorded in a fully date and time stamped audit trail.

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