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23 November 2013

ProjectPoint Links MS Project to Singlepoint


ProjectPoint from Syncronology combines the power of Microsoft ProjectTM with the visibility and ease of use of Singlepoint.


The Business Problem


Microsoft ProjectTM is the de facto software tool of choice for project managers and for anyone faced with the task of assembling tasks into stages and gateways, milestone and resource planning and so on. In our experience, however, many of our customers struggle to bridge the information gap between what should be happening as per the project plan, and what in reality is actually taking place. It’s very common for such plans to easily fall out of synch with reality, which in turn tends to lead to project slip.


The Solution


For many years now, we have been delivering solutions to a variety of industries through our web based software tool, Singlepoint. One of the central philosophies of Singlepoint is that it provides a common, real time, work place for all of your people to see and work on events, tasks, documents and reports and in so-doing creates an up-to-date “one version of the truth” which is invaluable when it comes to making informed management decisions.


We have combined the power of these two software tools to bring you a solution to once-and-for all solve the “information gap” and to bring all of your people and all of your processes together in one seamless view and workspace.  The result is an exciting Singlepoint module we call ProjectPoint.


Click here to download the Product Data Sheet as a PDF