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11 June 2007

Two Years on and GT Group Report Great Results With Powerway and SinglePoint.

Heavy commercial vehicle parts manufacturer GT Group set out to get ahead of the game

back in 2005 when they purchased and implemented Powerway software for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). Now, two years down the line, they are very happy to report back that the software is doing exactly what they hoped it would do – save time, increase efficiency and delight their customer.

John Bendelow, Quality Manager for the Peterlee based engineering company, reports that “The documents we are submitting to customers are drawing a lot of positive comments and praise. We had a customer on-site a little while back for an audit and they took a long look into the way we are using Powerway to manage our APQP and PPAP process and they were really impressed with what they saw – so much so that they told us that we were “streets ahead” of even themselves – which is great hear!”

Managing all of the other associated documentation can also be achieved through Powerway and GT have made great strides into better controlling critical documentation by importing nearly all of their CAD drawings into Powerway. Wayne Allen, Design Manager for GT, says “All the people involved in using Powerway all really like using the tool – they find it very easy to find what they’re looking for because they just type the part reference into the Quick Search field and up it comes. And because of the control Powerway offers I know that they can only be accessing the very latest version”.

About one year after purchasing Powerway from Syncronology (Powerway’s exclusive UK distributor) GT took a look at a new product from Syncronology called SinglePoint. This tool builds on the document control aspects of Powerway by allowing the user to build Configurations of documents that can then be stored historically and have a traceable audit trail for each revision of a configuration. It also allows for easy access of documents as they are held in one convenient location. Both John and Wayne explained how one of their customers requires them to maintain an APQP Project Folder for each part they make, “SinglePoint will be great for that because we can create a tab for each of the 18 APQP elements the customer requires and we can then store any kind of document within those tabs and have full revision history and change control over the entire configuration”.

About GT Group Ltd


The GT Group is an international organisation with over 35 years of commitment to excellence in engineering design and manufacturing, exporting products and services to more than 60 countries throughout the world.


GT Group retains its head office in the United Kingdom and consists of five interactive organisations; covering a diverse range of engineering activities including Automotive Products, Project Engineering and Fabrication, Seals and Mouldings, Process Controls and Powder Coatings. All divisions offer, independently and collectively, single source solutions and services to the following engineering industrial sectors.

Automotive products, exhaust brakes, EPM’s, engine brakes, flap brakes, vacuum, pumps, actuator clutch servos, valves, design, R&D, 3D solid modeling, EGR valves, exhaust gas recirculation emission controls. A resourcing service for major OEM companies is also available for procurement, machining, assembly and testing of product.