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20 June 2007

Powerway iPortal Test Site Ready And Waiting

June 2007: Powerway’s powerful intranet based document control solution iPortal is ready for testing at - simply use the user name MASTER and the password MASTER and you will be able to see how iPortal can push a variety of file types, including complex Office documents and even drawings, out to specified users over of a standard web browser.

iPortal is an extension of the document database found in Powerway Suite 2000 and is therefore secure – that makes it great for pushing critical documents out to customers as well as suppliers as only the people you specify will be able to view the documents – and each time they do their activity will be captured on the usage reports stored within Powerway Document Manager.

iPortal is ideal for controlled mass document access and the fact that the user interface can be easily and quickly translated into any language means that the tool is deployable across even the largest of enterprises. E-mail notifications can be generated by the companion module called eNotify so your users will be never out of the loop again and the only documents they can ever see are sure to be the current approved versions.

If you have any specific file types you would like to test in iPortal or would like to arrange a demonstration either on-line or at your offices please e-mail or call James O’Neill on +44 (0)1628 421829.