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30 April 2010

Second Amcor Site Adopts Image Mapper for Document Control

Food packaging giant Amcor has several sites in the UK using Powerway for document control. Back in 2008 we reported how one of these sites extended their system with the addition of a brilliant piece of software from Syncronology. Now, we're pleased to say that a second Amcor site has adopted Image Mapper.

The original brief was to make the navigation of documents for the end user as easy as possible and Amcor came to us with a vision that enabled the end-user to see a graphic diagram of their whole printing process and to be able to retrieve packets of documents from “hot spots” carved out of the graphic.

At Syncronology, we were already a good way there in terms of a solution with our Singlepoint Matrix software that sits on top of Powerway Suite 2000 providing a powerful configuration management system. All we had to do was add the image mapping capability and tie the “hot spots” back to document configurations stored in Singlepoint Matrix and Powerway. Easy when you know how…

The end result is a superb combination of incredibly easy and quick document navigation and retrieval on the one hand coupled with total document control and standards compliance on the other.

Call or email and ask us to send you the link to the 3 Minute Image Mapper Demo Video.

About Amcor

Amcor is one of the world's top 3 global packaging companies, based on market capitalisation, sales and profits. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Amcor has more than 300 manufacturing sites in 43 countries, and derives about 80% of its earnings from outside Australasia.

Amcor has approximately 35,000 employees, 135,000 shareholders and in excess of
AU $11.0 billion in annual sales

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