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4 March 2009

Singlepoint roll out at TRW going strong

In the last Newsletter we reported that TRW Sunderland had gone live with their Engineering Change system in Singlepoint. Eight months on and things are going well. When we caught up with Eric Borley, Quality Engineer at the Houghton-le-Spring site, last month he showed us their system working with over thirty projects now being progressed.

"We can see a few things that we'd like to improve in the process but if anything that means making it slightly simpler. People are starting to use it well, once they've been through the process a couple of times they seem confident and happy to get on with it. I can also tell you that the system itself is running very well since the last update, we find it very quick across the network and very stable - so far so good!"

Quality and Engineering Manager Mike O'Neill has been busy developing his own processes within Singlepoint after attending two days training in the summer of 2008. He now has a process ready to roll out to meet the requirements of their Internal Concerns system (Internal 8D) and has other plans for processes such as Internal Quality Audit later in the year.

We asked Mike how he found using Singlepoint for developing his own workflows. "Not at all difficult to use. I'd say if you were used to using the mid-range features of Excel or Access then you would recognise a lot of the techniques. Some of it is brand new but I found with a little bit of trial and error I was up and running pretty quickly and I'm definitely no programmer!"

So, all in all, things are moving quite nicely there. We will keep you posted on the further progress as we get it.